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The Herbalist's Cabinet Welcomes You

Botanical Skincare + Herbal Remedies 

Our Mission

Who We Are

Hello, it is so nice of you to join us here at The Herbalist's Cabinet. We specialize in herbal offerings, botanical skincare, and aromatherapy. I have been a practicing herbalist since 2020 during the global pandemic. I started out self studying herbs but quickly realized I wanted to learn more and began studying under the Herbal Academy for 6 months completing their Intermediate Herbalism Certificate. Currently I am studying under ACHS for a bachelor's degree in Integrative health with specializations in herbal studies and aromatherapy. I hope to continue learning and growing as an herbalist. Thank you for being here with me. 


The Herbalist's Cabinet Services

We Put Your Needs First



We offer a mixture of aromatherapy blends

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Botanical Skincare

We offer a selection of botanical skincare products.

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Herbal Offerings

We offer a wide variety of herbal products.


Classes and Books Coming Soon!

We are in the works for class offerings and writing a book. 


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